Saturday, January 29, 2011

NEW Revised and updated book on it's way!

I hope you enjoyed my original book, and are at least giving thought to starting your own business, if you're not already fully engaged in a new, exciting business of your own. I am presently working on a revised edition of the book which will be updated for todays strange market.
I want to feature more low-cost startup businesses which can be done from the home, either as part or full time. I will be featuring businesses that the retiring boomer generation folks can use to supplement or replace their retirement or Social Security.
Reminds me of the story of this old guy named Harlan Sanders. Broke and retired at age 65, he took his first Social Security check and started traveling (and sleeping) in his car, looking for someone to try out his fried chicken recipe. After being told "No" over ONE THOUSAND times, a guy finally felt sorry for him and tried out the recipe. This was the birth of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Harlan changed his name to Col. Sanders, and the rest is history.
It's never too late to become what you have always dreamed of. The new edition of my book will be focused around exactly that: Getting yourself started in a business that you will enjoy, you can do by yourself or have the whole family join in, and you can make a great living.
If you have any questions, or any ideas I could follow up for new businesses, please let me know here, or by email at . You will receive a FREE COPY of the new book when it is finished.
Thank you, and Good Business-ing!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

If you must Get A Job…

Sometimes it is necessary to get a “job” temporarily. You might need to learn a new trade for your new business, or you may have to work to get some seed money for your new venture. Here are some basic truths to keep in mind and abide by if you want to get hired and hold a good position:

Always be polite. Everyone is appreciative of politeness. There is such a lack of it today, that you will stand way above others wanting to get hired.

Be respectful. The man or woman you are asking to hire you has something you want….and you don’t have it…they do. They will appreciate your respect and hold you in a better light.

If at all possible, ALWAYS SHOW UP IN PERSON. If you must have a resume, make sure it is a professional presentation of you. Misspellings, bad grammar, incorrect punctuation, or stains or smudges on the paper can cause your resume to find the trash without even being looked at.

All your telephone calls, door knocking, and resume sending only has one purpose: TO GET YOU IN FRONT OF THE PERSON WHO DOES THE HIRING…..Nothing more. If you don’t get the job at first, keep going back and calling…I have seen a lot of people get jobs because they just happened to be there at the right time…

Do some homework on the business and the people there...especially the one who do the hiring. I personally will never recommend sending a resume. I have hired hundreds of people during my careers, and I know what will usually work and what won’t. (Sometimes a company will tell you that they require a resume. If you have to, you have to. BUT try as hard as you can to deliver it to the hiring person in person...Hopefully at the time of the interview.)

Pre-interview contact will always help, too. Find out who does the hiring and see if you can discover any of their extra-curricular activities. When you go in for the interview and the interviewer recognizes you from the golf course or the tennis club, that is more points for you.

If you have been able to get to know them through that activity, even better. Find out if the company or the person has a pet charity they support. When you donate time to help with their charity you are seen as someone who shares their values and this will give you a really huge advantage over someone who is there just “looking for a job”.

Know what you have to offer them. When someone is interviewing you for a job, their main concern is ‘what can you do for this company?’ ‘How will you benefit us?’

The last thing they want to hear is how you really need a job...and that you will do ‘anything’ to get hired.

Be clean. No one wants to work next to a dirty or smelly worker. Keeping yourself presentable not only shows respect for the feelings of others, but it shows your self-respect. People have a hard time respecting someone who doesn’t even respect himself / herself.

I know this is going to rub some of you the wrong way, but to be presentable in your dress, appearance, and hygiene. Leave the facial hardware home when you go to work. Cover those giant snake & dragon tattoos on your arms with a long-sleeved shirt. This is about whether they want to hire you, not about you making a statement. Not only do they have to like you, but they have to be sure their customers will, too.

Always be on time. When you show up late for an appointment, you are telling the other person that you have no respect for them and their time. Showing up late for work, especially on a regular basis, tells everyone that you don’t care about their business or their commitments (or the commitment you

made to them).

Smile a lot. No one wants to be around a sourpuss. Employers don’t, other workers don’t, and customers don’t. A happy, positive employee helps boost the morale of everyone there, including the boss and customers.

Work hard…Give it your best. If you have to do something, do it the best you can. Even if it is something that you don’t like or it’s “Not part of your job”… Whenever you do something people are watching and the quality of your work is a direct reflection on who and what you are. Doing it to your best ability shows you have respect for yourself and your work. Every bit of work you do has your signature on it…It represents you, so don’t let it be shoddy.

Don’t complain or whine…Most people don’t care about your problems, and the rest are glad they’re happening to you!

Always do a little more than is asked of you…That’s called “Going the extra mile.” This is the sign of a winner who is proud of his or her work and abilities.

Don’t join in on the gossip and politics. It is stupid and unproductive.

Be loyal. If you can’t be loyal to the one paying you, you shouldn’t be there, and you certainly don’t deserve the job. Your employer isn’t paying you because he or she thinks you are really cool, or because you told them you “Needed a job and a paycheck”...They are paying you for your contribution in making the company more profitable.

Set aside some time each week to read and learn more about the business you are in, or are going to go into. All the knowledge in the world can be found in books, tapes, and CDs.

The more you know about your field the more valuable you are...Either to your employer or to your customers if you have your own business. You can never learn too much, and time invested in learning and enriching your mind can never be lost or taken from you, in only makes you a better and more interesting person.

Monday, January 17, 2011

This Month‟s Featured Business

“I Can See Clearly Now”

And you will see the cash flow and especially the profit margin when you get started in your new window cleaning business.

I have a friend in Palm Springs who averages $300—$400 per day cleaning windows. And the cost of the soap and chemicals runs him about $4 per day.

Window cleaning is probably the most profitable business there is...and it is very inexpensive to start up.

Don’t know how to clean windows? I got’cha covered. The two absolutely best sources for in-struction, materials and equipment are SORBO SAMUELSON and DON ASLETT. You can buy all the stuff you need wholesale, PLUS you can get videos showing exactly how to clean any windows up to 2-3 stories!

There is unlimited work out there, and unlimited income potential with this business. It truly rates a big 10 as far as business startups go.

And the potential? I have a friend in Newport Beach, Ca. who started with a bicycle, a bucket and squeegee who now cleans windows on high-rise offices and makes over $250K per year with all the trucks, lifts, and scaffolding equipment!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Business Books to Read

Business Book List

There are only two things that make the difference between someone who is successful, independent, and free, and those destined to live their lives pleasing others...Knowledge and Action.

It is impossible to learn too much about your business. The more you learn the more advantage you have over your competition.

These are some of the best business books and Authors I have found. Learn your way to success with these books.

There is NOTHING you can't learn to do if you have the true desire.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The E Myth by Michael Gerber

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Outrageous Marketing by Bill Glazer

The Four Day Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Your Portable Empire by Pat O’bryan

No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy by Dan Kennedy

Any Books by Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Robert Ringer, & Books & CDs by Dani Johnson.

Keep Reading, Keep Learning, Keep Growing, and Stay Ahead!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This month’s portable business


Become a Graphic Designer.

Here’s another business that you can operate from your office, your kitchen table, or on the beach in a foreign land.

All you need is a computer and internet access and you can average $50 - $75 per hour creating graphic advertising designs for businesses world-wide.

I own this program, and it has helped me immensely in all my business writing and advertising.

I passed the course to my neice, who quickly went through it and started her graphic design business. She now lives in Hawaii (Maui) and makes a VERY LUCRITIVE INCOME while doing her design work on her deck which overlooks the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Get the full details on this great course here:

Graphic Design Success

I will NEVER recommend any business or course that I haven’t personally done, been involved with, and researched completely.

This is a perfect business for the student or part-timer, the retired “Boomer” looking for goody income, or the serious full-time designer starting his or her business.

Monday, November 15, 2010

NEVER ask "May I Help You?"

You’ve heard it a million times:

“May I Help You?”

No thanks, I’m just looking”.

There is no faster way to lose a customer. When someone walks into a store, especially for the first time, the last thing he wants is someone trying to sell him...and by asking May I Help You, you are basically saying “Can I Sell You Something?”

Then to add insult to injury, the salesperson says “I will be over there, just call me if you have a question”...and proceeds to go hang out with other store employees.

You want your sales clerks to be on top of their game. Some type of incentive helps a lot here… Contests with good prizes, bonuses, commissions, etc. The average employee needs more motivation to be their best.

If an employee recognizes a customer when he walks in, they should go over right away and say “Hi, I’m glad to see you again”. The most important thing you can do in your business is build up loyal customers who come back again and again. They should be treated like the gold nuggets they are.

Having a strong base of regular customers will mean the difference between profit and loss….between success and bankruptcy.

Always have a few items you can guide your regular customers to which are “Preferred Customer” specials. These are items which are not marked by any kind of special sale tags...More like a “secret sale”.

As far as a standard process for greeting and handling new customers, you will need to really train your salespeople. Here are some of the scripts I used for my jewelry stores which increased our sales by almost 200% innediately:

“Good (Morning, afternoon, evening), how are you doing today?”

“Great...Is this your first visit to our store?”

“How did you happen to find us?”

“Is there something in particular that you are looking for?”

“Are you shopping for yourself or a gift for someone?”

“What kind of price range did you have in mind?”

“Did you see our specials advertised (In the paper, on the radio, on TV)?”

“May I show you the specials we are running now?”

By asking open-ended questions you tend to draw the customer in and are more likely to discover what he is looking for and help him find it. Keep smiling and keep the conversation going. It will pay off big-time.

By smiling and being friendly and sincere, you can get the customer to drop his defensive shield and become interested in the items you are showing him. This makes It easier for him to buy and for you to sell.

Always remain courteous and friendly toward him or her… They are the lifeblood of your business.

There is nothing a customer hates more than being ignored. You’ve seen it...the sales girl on the phone with her friend laughing and giggling while the customer searches through the merchandise or waits for the sales girl. The salesmen hanging out in the corner telling jokes and wasting time.

If your sales people understand how critical their role is in your business, and they are trained properly, and given the right incentives, you will build a winning team and a super-successful business.

Saturday, September 18, 2010



Is a term coined by Glenn W. Turner in the 70s describing the most important quality you need to succeed in business and in life. Stickability is the ability to keep going and stick to a goal or purpose until you see it through...Quoting Napoleon Hill from “Think And Grow Rich”, “Anything you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.”

When you start on your business, DON”T GIVE UP. Instead come here and ask...I will help you keep it going.